Update 3: April 26, 2024

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Current Stats

Progress update on our goals!

We’ve got some fun goals for Rootabl 2024 and want to let you in on the progress!

Here’s what we’re aiming for:

  • 1,000+ Businesses using Rootabl for their affiliate programs
  • 10,000+ Affiliates across all Campaigns on the platform
  • $10M+ Affiliate Revenue generated on the platform
  • $2.5M+ Commissions paid out to Rootabl affiliates

I had a suspicion the revenue and commissions goals were kind of low and I think that’s been confirmed this week! Woohoo LET’S GO!

So close to the first million generated on Rootabl 🙂




to goal




to goal


Affiliate Revenue


to goal




to goal

You’ll Be Shocked…

A not-so-quick update from the one who was gifted the seed of the idea for Rootabl, Laura Sprinkle.

Most of my growth plans come down to one thing:


I know, you’re shocked.

While you pick yourself up off the floor, let me tell you about some ways I love partnering with folks:

Guest expert sessions for courses and communities of entrepreneurs.

These are great because I get to teach and share from experience, and then I had my first live group demo this week at the end of a session.

Shout-out to Linda Sidhu and her amazing MixerMind for hosting my first one!

Becoming the go-to affiliate resource recommendation.

I’m in conversation with a number of people in the affiliate partnership space, who have also been looking for a tool to use and recommend.

That’s why I wanted to create Rootabl, for people like me who are in the trenches managing and teaching partnerships. I love supporting these folks with recurring revenue 🙂

Networking communities!

Something I’m SUPER excited about is partnering with existing networking communities, like The Nova (an online/offline community for ambitious, spiritual women).

This is the epitome of everyone winning:

> Rootabl wins by reaching their members with our platform

> The Network Creator wins because they’ll have a great to tool to recommend AND we can provide them stats so they can say things like “our members have referred this many clients and $ sales to each other!”

> The Network Community Members win because obviously Rootabl is a freaking fantastic tool that will help them make more revenue through partnerships and connections! And they’ll have deeper connections because they’re already a part of a community.

And on and on and on. The neverending when I win, you win, we all win.

This Week


  • Keeping a mostly level head even with some setbacks.
  • Growing Rootabl’s affiliate program by a few partnerships!
  • Presenting the first group demo which is leading to a number of new partnerships.


  • Questioning the business model a little bit and thinking a lot about where we want to land in the market. I really love providing a concierge-level, pricey service and it’s a bit disorienting to be in the volume game.
  • I’m realizing, even within myself, that how people think about “investing in a tech tool” is MUCH different from how they think about “investing in a service”.


If you’re interested in getting your offers on Rootabl for affiliates to promote, reach out to me at laura@rootabl.com! Would love to answer any Qs and chat about it 🙂

And if you’re interested in becoming an affiliate and earning recurring revenue from sharing, let’s make it happen!

Have feedback or questions for Laura?

Email her here: laura@rootabl.com 

Christian’s Corner™

An update from Christian Genco, who does the code to make the things happen with Rootabl. (And like all that technical stuff.)

Christian was at MicroConf and then flew with his fam to Spain!

We’ll get an update from him next week 🙂

Have feedback or questions for Christian?

Email him here: christian@rootabl.com 

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