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We want to help your affiliates promote you. A win-win-win all around!

 Through superior tracking (including leads lists!), an all-in-one place for your affiliates to get their materials, links, and reporting, and training for them on how to be effective affiliates.

"If you don’t have an affiliate program yet, you are definitely leaving money on the table.

If you implement even a small part of what Laura shares, it’s going to massively aid your business. I highly recommend you work with her.”

– Selena Soo, Publicity Strategist

"Engage partners, create insane momentum, and produce huge revenue wins.

If you want your partners to feel like they’re empowered with great assets and more importantly taken care of, Laura has the system. It doesn’t hurt she’s one of the bubbliest, fun, and kind people to have in your corner of the world.”

– Todd Herman, Creator of 90 Day Year® and WSJ Bestselling Author of The Alter Ego Effect

"These resources made being an affiliate ridiculously easy and inspired me to promote way more than I would have without them.

Despite having been an affiliate of some of the biggest names in this industry for a decade, I had never felt as well taken care of as I did by Laura’s partner assets.  These templates are GOLD!

– Kate Northrup, Bestselling Author of Money: A Love Story and Do Less and Host of the Plenty podcast

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Teri Ijeoma
Founder of Trade and Travel and #1 course creator on Teachable

Kate Northrup
Author of Money: A Love Story and Do Less, host of the Plenty podcast

Cait Scudder
The Millionaire Mother and host of The Millionaire Mother podcast

Amber Dugger
Creator of Profit for Keeps® holistic money system

Savannah Gilbo
Developmental editor and creator of Notes to Novel

Sara Anna Powers
Creator of the Clickworthy Copywriting Certification™

April Beach
Licensing expert and founder of Sweet Life Co

Nagina Abdullah
Founder of Masala Body and women’s weight loss coach

Sebastian Koellner
Chief MindSetter and mindset coach

Rita Black
C.Ht Certified Hypnotherapist & Cognitive Coach, founder of Shift Hypnosis 

Melissa Bauknight
Founder of The Nova, in-person and virtual community for ambitious women

Kristina & Breanne
Founders of Elite Competitor, coaching for young female athletes

Hi! I’m Laura Sprinkle.

Yes, that’s my real last name! I’m an affiliate program strategist who’s worked with over 200 clients to generate $33 million+ in revenue through affiliates.

After years of searching for the best affiliate platform for my course creator clients, I realized it was me I was waiting for. Rootabl is an ecosystem that will help your business scale and thrive in partnership. Excited you’re here for the party!